Throughout my life there have been a few things I was absolutely certain of, thanks to my mom:

If I swim too soon after eating I will get a cramp. If I go outside with a wet head I will get sick. If I don’t eat my vegetables I will get scurvy. And the most important lesson of all—Never put anything in writing! Some of these rules are outdated, irrelevant, or just plain old wives tales (sorry, Mom).  So here I go… breaking the cardinal rule. How else can I blog?

crackberryRemember when you were supposed to keep your personal life out of your work life, and leave your work at the office? When did that change? With today’s technology, that little “life rule” has become a historical fact. I picture a group of men sitting around a table smoking cigars.  :Bill, remember when we used to leave our work back at the office? Ha!”

We all know why that is.  The existence of cell phones (some people actually have TWO), ipads, ipad minis, kindle fires, personal computers. They all prevent us from leaving work at the office.

We take work calls at home in the evening. We check our emails before we go to bed and then again when we first wake up. Heck, most of us are checking email before we even step out of bed and brush our teeth.

As far as our personal life creeping into our work life?  Seriously, creeping is even too weak a word. It’s more like blasting.  We blog, post on Facebook, share on LinkedIn, tweet… and our followers are not just clients or just family and friends. It’s a huge conglomeration of all of them. Your mother’s great aunt, your boss, your daughter’s best friend and her 1st grade teacher, YOUR  first grade teacher, your college roommate’s sister,  your client from 1996, the woman you sat next to on the plane last week… all of them know all the intimate details of your life.  For some of you that’s the VERY intimate details of your life. You know who you are. If you’re unsure, check your Facebook status.

So I suppose the question is, is it a good thing or a bad thing?  These blurred lines between work and personal life. Am I even qualified to answer that?  I can give you my thoughts. I’m an old fashioned girl. I would have loved the simplicity of the late 50s and 60s: Family dinners, family game night, no phones ringing, beeping, tweeting… no carpooling at 9 o’clock at night; the clothing, the music…. Nice and simple and easy.  In some ways, we have the opportunity to choose to still live like that don’t we? After all, this is America. However, I think we all know what happens to that family. The husband loses his job because he ignored 55 urgent emails and 5 voicemails that were delivered after 5:30pm; the kids can’t get into college because they don’t have the extra-curricular activities everyone else has, and the wife has no friends because she has nothing in common with any of her neighbors. So, sadly, it is a way of life now. Our way of life now. And as the saying goes, if  you can’t beat them, join them.  So here I am, joining them!

Look at that, I did it! I broke the cardinal rule. Sorry, Mom.


Amy Boehm Amy Boehm is the Director of Business Development here at Kinetix. In her role, she is a master at creating professional relationships and  thrives on meeting new people. Two words to describe Amy? Effervescent and outgoing. We agree—she’s in the right field. Hit her up on  Linkedin if you want to chat or reach out on email

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