Losing awesome talent can feel a lot like a breakup – except employees won’t give the old “It’s not you, it’s me” speech, because most of the time it really is you, the company. Unfortunately, we often don’t find out about an employee’s professional grievances with our organizations until they have already made up their minds about leaving.

Earlier this month the trending Twitter hashtag #WhyILeftIn4Words brought users together to creatively explain why they abandoned relationships with significant others and employers by using just 4 simple words. Sounds pretty fun – right? Twitter users sure thought so, hence the overwhelming number of tweets containing the viral hashtag. 

The socially savvy experts at Kinetix dug through hundreds of these tweets and now we want to expose what really made Twitter users/ex-employees leave their previous gigs.

These are the top responses from some of the employees that got away:

  1. The grass (and the $$$) was greener on the other side

Why I Left In 4 Words

Opportunity can mean a lot of things – better pay, cooler coaching, or even more chances to advance in the organization. If you don’t develop your employees and give them the career TLC they deserve, how can you expect them to stick around?

Take the time to sit down with your team members and ask them about their professional goals before they write you off as a scrub.

  1. Manager Malfunction

Manager Couldn't Control Clients

Nothing says lackluster management like the inability to support your team when it comes to difficult clients and customers. For better or for worse you are one team working together to achieve the company’s goals – that is until your talent gets fed up with the lack of management.

Be your team’s back up when things get complicated and show them that you are on their side.

  1. Not every raise pays

$3 Raises

The amount of compensation you offer your employees says a lot about their skill levels and market value. Show your team a little good ole’ fashioned R-E-S-P-E-C-T by setting aside enough time to actually evaluate each person’s professional performance.

Splitting up with your talent can be inevitable in certain cases and these employee resolution strategies won’t guarantee retention. But by following the positive practices above your ex- team members probably won’t go publicly hashtag shaming your company in clever 4 words combinations on Twitter after they leave.

Emily Kocoloski

Emily Kocoloski is a Marketing Coordinator at Kinetix, specializing in employer brand management and social media strategy. When she isn’t creating and sourcing cool content, she is working as the hidden camera at Kinetix HQ.

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