We’ve got a gift for you, and we know you’re going to like it. But, first, we need you to give us your opinion.

Each year, we have a holiday tradition of sharing a book with the folks we truly appreciate—our clients, partners, colleagues, and friends—that represents who we are as a company. We want the book we pick to challenge and inspire you to be better, do better, and look at the world a little differently.

This book isn’t always the latest and greatest—actually, we’re probably not going to pick the chart-topper everyone is talking about. Other than that, the race is wide open. This book can be old school, new school, motivational, inspirational, educational, or just plain entertaining. It can be strategic, diverse, philosophical, or symbolic… it can be a classic tall tale, biography, or a masterpiece of non-fiction writing. It can be fair and data-driven or it can be biased and opinionated. You get it—this book could be anything.

In the past, we’ve gone with titles like A Hand to Guide MeFahrenheit 451The Alchemist, The Fountainhead, and Outliers. You can say we like to spice it up with our unconventional reading list.

We’re going to take your recommendations, along with our own favorites, and comb through them to find the perfect book this year. We’ll pick the final book—one that has truly resonated with the Kinetix team in 2014—and share it with you after we go through the process. When you find out what we’ve picked, you’ll also find out the inspiration and thought process that made us choose it, too—and made us, ultimately, think of you.

We know you’re well-read—tell us what you like and why. Emailtweet or share your valued suggestion in the comments below.

On behalf of the team at Kinetix, we sincerely look forward to hearing from our favorite people!