Have you heard of this little thing called employer branding? At Kinetix, our recruitment marketing team eats, sleeps and breathes employer branding on a daily basis.

Kinetix is known for its kick @$$ recruiting and RPO services. With our recruiting efforts taking up 90% of the business, the leftover 10% is shared between HR consulting and, of course, recruitment marketing. Even though recruitment marketing is just <10% of the business, it’s the piece that gives recruiting an extra boost that no one else can provide. To get a better look into why recruitment marketing is so important to the bigger recruiting picture, our marketing pros tell you themselves why an employer branding/recruitment marketing strategy is essential to completing the recruiting circle.

Kate Weimer – Marketing Lead | Social Media Butterfly | Blogger | Easy Bake Oven Graduate

“Recruiting is all about making connections with people, and there’s no better way to kick-start those connections than with a robust recruitment marketing/employer branding strategy. Being able to give candidates a look at your company—through videos featuring real employees or blog posts that tell stories about the cool things employees are working on—is invaluable. Not only are you connecting with candidates by giving them a peek behind your cubicle walls, but you’re reinforcing the pros of what makes your company great for current employees.

One thing recruiters should know about recruitment marketing and employer branding is that it’s here to make your job easier. Rather than having to go out and find candidates through tireless sourcing and cold calling, lures are put out there, pulling in candidates who already know what your culture is all about and actively want to be a part of it.”

Al Hill – Marketing Coordinator | Social and Digital Enthusiast | Dog Mom

“Recruitment marketing/employer branding allows candidates to connect with brands on a more personal level. Through content creation, specifically through career-centric social channels and blog posts, we are able to tell the story of the brand and transform the culture to a real-life level in the eyes of candidates.

As a recruiter you can talk up your company all day to get the candidate to sign on the dotted line, but do you have proof? That’s where employer branding shines bright like a diamond. A recruitment marketing/employer branding strategy is the proof that your jobs and companies you are recruiting for, really are everything you’ve cracked them up to be.”

Liam Robinson – Full Stack Web Developer | Full Stack Monomaniac | Introverted Extrovert

“Employer Branding, from a web developer’s perspective, is all about making a beautiful, intuitive, candidate-facing platform to showcase the company’s culture, available careers, and Employer Value Propositions. The content should attract candidates for high-priority positions, and then the site layout should guide them to what makes the company great to work for.

The most important thing is to always have an obvious “apply” link available to the candidate when they are ready to pull the trigger, no matter where they are on the site. You just never want to lose a candidate due to confusion or frustration when they are looking to apply!”

Emily Kocoloski – Marketing Coordinator | Brand Builder | Craft Cocktail Enthusiast

“Employer branding is the carefully crafted strategy that a company uses to give potential talent the best taste of an organization’s unique flavor. In order to grow your employer brand big and strong, you need a few key elements, like an actual careers page, engaging job descriptions, clean videos, and of course, where I come in – authentic content centered around the people who make up your team.

A cool careers site filled with diverse content may be your employer brand’s bread and butter, but careers-centered social media is how you are going to pass that hot breadbasket around to new candidates so they can check you out and ultimately apply. Our social media savvy recruiters have used this content and strong employer brands to grow their candidate base and create new connections.”

Elizabeth A. Dickerson – Creative Marketing and Production Lead | Slicer and Dicer

“Video is the highest converting media today. Every smart business should be using video some how to attract candidates to their company. Candidates want to hear stories from current employees—behind-the-scenes look into the culture, day-to-day projects from various roles, team activities, etc.

Video is the perfect platform to showcase what life is like at your company—and it’s exactly the media that will set you apart from the rest when it comes to hiring the best talent.”


Each Kinetix marketing team member provides a different specialty to make the employer branding/recruitment marketing vision a reality and to show off the brand to candidates before they buy into the job.

Even though it’s not always the first thing you think about when you think recruiting, an employer branding/recruitment marketing strategy is an important puzzle piece in recruiting. I mean, as a recruiter you are looking for purple squirrels and we are the bait.





Al Hill

Al Hill is a Marketing Coordinator at Kinetix, specializing in social media and content marketing at Kinetix. Her passions include creating fresh ideas and bringing them to life. Her superpowers include interpersonal connection, website editing, content writing, content creation and social media marketing. Want to hang? Hit her up on Twitter
LinkedIn or email her at ahill@kinetixhr.com.