If you haven’t noticed, we like to do things a little differently around Kinetix. Different usually means “good” in our book… literally—our new handbook is rockin’.

The Kinetix CodeWe decided to take the traditional employee handbook to another level. Thanks to Blissbook, a new online employee handbook platform, the pounds of paperwork our new hires were getting has now been drastically reduced. Welcome to the World Wide Web, people.

Our interactive handbook is called The Kinetix Code, and it reflects what is important to us as a company, including the history of Kinetix, our values, and what we expect out of our employees at work. Heck, we could even use it as a performance review tool… These are the things that matter to us, and the points we want to emphasize most.

Sure, sure… there are things that every handbook is required to have. We keep legal happy by redirecting you from the handbook to an outside site (our blog) where you can read through the nitty gritty, sign the appropriate paperwork, and turn it in to the right person aka our resident “Goat Herder.”

Check it out by clicking on the picture to the upper right. If you want to get the low down on the history of Blissbook, listen to this podcast with founder Tom O’Dea, on how he came up with the idea and his future goals for Blissbook.

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