Kinetix Insider Note: This blog was previously run at our sister site, Fistful of Talent, where we discuss  all things under the HR sun. Since this post is related to what we’re talking about at Kinetix this month—Interviewing for Cultural and Motivational Fit—we thought it just made sense to give you guys the goods here, too. Enjoy!

Cultural fit. You know it’s real, but you hate it when a hiring manager who is an absolute dufus goes with the most general feedback possible:

“I just didn’t think she was a fit.”

Sure you didn’t. Could you be a little more specific? Was she not a “fit” because she had opinions you didn’t agree with? Because she started out at a community college? Because she had kids? Because she wasn’t hot enough on your “smoke show” scale?

I hate it when managers use “fit” as a reason not to hire. “Fit” is a crutch for too many managers that actually means, “The candidate wasn’t enough like me” or “enough like my team.” Alternatives to that are, “not from the right school,” “not attractive enough” or “didn’t communicate in a fashion I view as appropriate” (which means they seemed too slow or too fast on the communication front).

Hey hiring manager dufus—what we need are teams that look less like you, not more like you.

Which is why we need to talk about Cultural Fit. If you’re ever going to stop accepting “fit” as a reason why a hiring manager won’t move forward with a candidate, you better start helping define what successful “fit” looks like.

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