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Here Are A Few Steps You Can Take to Rank Higher in Google Jobs Results

It’s been a mere seven months since Google Jobs launched. The supposed downfall of recruiting never happened. Seven months on and recruiting still stands. As with every development that comes recruiting’s way, navigating the world with Google Jobs is more about learning how to work with Google Jobs and less about working against it. The main […]

by Kate Weimer • February 15, 2018

Everything Wrong With the Millennial Job Posting Making Its Rounds on the Internet

Over the past few years, bashing millennials has overtaken baseball as America’s favorite pastime. Maybe it’s because millennials keep killing various industries, or maybe it’s because it’s very easy to pigeonhole one generation and blame all problems within the workplace on them. Whatever the reason, articles of why millennials are terrible have become so commonplace […]

by Kate Weimer • July 25, 2017

Why We Aren’t Upfront About the Companies We Recruit For – And Why You Shouldn’t Be Either

Not including referral candidates, every candidate who comes through your pipeline starts in the same place: your job description. Job descriptions are the very first thing a candidate sees. It’s the hook that pulls them in, gets them to apply, and kickstarts the entire recruiting process. And, as they say, first impressions are everything. With […]

by Kate Weimer • June 27, 2017

Using Indeed Trends to Optimize Your Job Postings

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you should be pretty familiar with the job aggregation site Indeed. A favorite of ours here at Kinetix, Indeed accounts for 58% of all job-related traffic across the internet according to Silk Road. Apart from job postings, sponsored listings, featured employer profiles, and a candidate-friendly resume database, […]

by Patrick Ward • December 22, 2016