What HR Can Learn From Snapchat’s Demise

In case you haven’t heard, Snapchat is dead. The once-golden child of social media has fallen hard over the last few months, and it looks like we’re now witnessing its last dying breaths. While it would be nice to be able to point to one nail in the coffin that really signed the death note […]

by Kate Weimer • March 12, 2018

HR Lessons From Uber’s Meltdown

As I’m sure you’ve seen in the news this week, it’s been a rough go of it lately for the rideshare pioneer and giant Uber. Their string of self-inflicted public relations and employee nightmares has built up throughout the year and finally came to a head with the leave of absence taken by their CEO, […]

by Patrick Ward • June 16, 2017

Where’s the Limit on Appeasing Different Personality Types in the Workplace?

The obvious function of any behavioral assessment during the recruiting process is to see if a candidate fits the soft skills side of the job they are interviewing for. Recruiters or hiring managers can take results from a behavioral assessment and tailor interview questions to dig into any red flags they might see. One often overlooked use […]

by Kate Weimer • June 6, 2017

What Are Trolls? Internet trolls are an abundant and unfortunate byproduct of the internet’s unlimited amounts of communication and anonymity. In the early days of the internet, trolls were limited to message boards and the term was saved for users who had anonymous profile images and usernames that went around causing trouble for the sake of it. As the internet has […]

by Kate Weimer • March 28, 2017

What Your HR Department Can Learn From Trump’s First Months

Don’t worry. This isn’t going to be an overtly political post where I launch into a diatribe on the positives or negatives of our current president, Donald Trump. We’re going to take an objective look at the actions taken by the Trump administration during his first months on the job and find lessons that will […]

by Patrick Ward • March 10, 2017

Should You Fine Employees for Poor Performance?

There’s a lot to unpack, but in many ways, the picture here to the left speaks for itself. What a doozy. When I came across it on Reddit a few weeks ago I couldn’t resist the urge to share it here and analyze some of the problems but also some of the good intentions this manager […]

by Kate Weimer • February 4, 2017

Ditch Your Resolutions for Goals

January 17th was the annual observance of ‘Ditch Your New Year Resolutions Day’. That’s right—people failing to stick to their New Year resolutions is such a common occurrence these days that it gets its very own day of observance. In the business world, and HR particularly, leaders and employees enter the new year with a plethora of […]

by Kate Weimer • January 19, 2017

The Doomsday Domino Effect of Ignoring Change Management

There’s a belief that application is the best form of education. Want to teach someone math? Show them why it’s useful in everyday life. Want to teach someone proper grammar? Show them real life examples and why it’s important. Well, just a few days ago I got a real life lesson in why good HR—specifically […]

by Kate Weimer • November 19, 2016

Monday Morning Mash Up

Wake up, Kinetix fans! We’re celebrating the last Monday of the summer by sharing five of the hottest HR and leadership stories to help you start your week. CAN A BETTER LUNCH EXPERIENCE LOWER EMPLOYEE TURNOVER? – A workplace version of “Sit With Us” could really help individuals in organizations quickly feel like part of the team. Like […]

by Kinetix Insider • September 19, 2016

Monday Morning Mash Up

Good morning, and happy Monday! We’ve spent the morning searching for today’s most interesting stories related to HR and recruiting. Settle into your work week with some light reading: 5 Of The Most Creative Recruiting Campaigns – We love a good recruitment marketing campaign. In a world where passive candidates are saturated by job ads that don’t […]

by Kinetix Insider • September 12, 2016