Group Interviews: A Good Way to Weed Out the Weak or a Cheap Way to Make Candidates Sweat?

When I applied for my first job during college, I stopped by the retail store I was hoping to gain a position at to pick up a paper application (dating myself a bit there), filled it out in the mall food court, and, to my delight, got a call back within a day of dropping […]

by Kate Weimer • November 21, 2017

Hiring Horror Stories Part II: Talent Tricks & Treats

Happy Halloween to all of our talent industry ghosts and gurus! We hope you are ready for our next batch of spooktacular hiring horror stories because we are going straight for the sweet spot: candidate tricks and treats. So grab your favorite Halloween candy – *cough cough* Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins – and dive into some […]

by Emily Kocoloski • October 31, 2017

The Secret to Overcoming Unconscious Biases When Interviewing Candidates

Face it—when you hire someone, you’re judging them on a multitude of characteristics: what employers they’ve worked for, what experience they gained from those employers, how they answer your questions, the tone of their voice, the outfits they’re wearing, the way they do their hair… Yeah, that’s right, and you know it. You’re totally judging […]

by Kate Weimer • August 31, 2017

Everything Wrong With the Millennial Job Posting Making Its Rounds on the Internet

Over the past few years, bashing millennials has overtaken baseball as America’s favorite pastime. Maybe it’s because millennials keep killing various industries, or maybe it’s because it’s very easy to pigeonhole one generation and blame all problems within the workplace on them. Whatever the reason, articles of why millennials are terrible have become so commonplace […]

by Kate Weimer • July 25, 2017

The Only Thing Worse Than Bad News Is No News At All

The only thing worse than bad news is no news at all. Some may argue the opposite—no news is good news. But when it comes to hiring and the candidate experience, playing by the rules of the former adage is the way to go. Candidates like feedback. Whether they get the interview/job or not, you have a certain […]

by Kate Weimer • January 13, 2017

Easy Social Recruiting Strategies You’re Missing Out On

Are you one of those who thinks recruiting via social media is “sketchy” and you don’t really “get” how you could possibly find quality talent on the *cough cough* INTERNET? You’re missing out, my recruiter friend. Social media is the way of the world. Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Facebook can really make the recruitment magic happen. […]

by Elizabeth Dickerson • December 16, 2016

The 5 Best Cultural Fit Scenes from Hollywood…

Kinetix Insider Note: This blog was previously run at our sister site, Fistful of Talent, where we discuss  all things under the HR sun. Since this post is related to what we’re talking about at Kinetix this month—Interviewing for Cultural and Motivational Fit—we thought it just made sense to give you guys the goods here, […]

by Kris Dunn • September 9, 2015

7 Ways to Take That Next Step

So you’ve met someone. You found them online, as it usually happens these days. They seem to have the right qualities and you want to get to know them better, but you just aren’t sure of how to move forward from here. Let’s back up a minute. No, you didn’t accidentally stumble onto cosmopolitan.com.  We’re […]

by Kate Weimer • August 24, 2015

Know Your Candidate: What to Look for in a Social Media Scan

Social media—the beast every job hunter knows and feels ambivalent about. For those on the candidacy side of the recruitment process, there are innumerable resources for how to dress up your social media profiles when job hunting. Candidates’ dolled up profiles are a way to get to know them on a personal level, as well […]

by Kate Weimer • July 20, 2015

Company Responds To Viral “I Quit” Dancing Video

This chick quit her job in her dancing shoes, and lived out the fantasy of every unengaged worker across the world.  The video racked up over 15 million views and got tons of media attention. She even got a job offer on the Queen Latifah show. #word In classic fashion, the video production company she […]

by Cara Lucas • October 10, 2013