Goal Setting

Don’t Be a New Year Gym Goer: Here are the Steps You Should Take to Make a Real Professional Change in the New Year

Did you know today is officially Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day?? That’s right: not following through on New Year’s resolutions is such a common thing that there’s a whole day to celebrate the general population’s collective failures. Despite the sad fact that most resolutions are non-starters, overall, resolution-makers start out with a good intent, to make […]

by Kate Weimer • January 18, 2018

Ditch Your Resolutions for Goals

January 17th was the annual observance of ‘Ditch Your New Year Resolutions Day’. That’s right—people failing to stick to their New Year resolutions is such a common occurrence these days that it gets its very own day of observance. In the business world, and HR particularly, leaders and employees enter the new year with a plethora of […]

by Kate Weimer • January 19, 2017

Set the Goals, Slow & Steady

I’ve always struggled to be a patient person. It might be a virtue, but it’s not one that I easily live by. Perhaps the only millennial stereotype I’ll allow myself to be classified by is my need for instant gratification. Luckily, I don’t see this is a singular fault that I and few others share. […]

by Kate Weimer • January 29, 2016

Cheat Sheet for Setting Bite-Sized Goals

When I was a child, I would have an idea and just go for it without really thinking through the steps it would take to get there. After hours of striving to reach an ambiguous goal with no plan, I would ask my mom where I went wrong. Her response typically started with, “It sounds […]

by Amy Worthy • January 26, 2016

Snowflake Goals

In case you live on the East Coast and have yet to be informed, we’re in for a winter storm of historic proportions these next few days. All the snow frenzy has got me thinking a lot about special little snowflakes—and not the kind that fall from the sky. Urban Dictionary, aside from being a […]

by Kate Weimer • January 21, 2016

Best Practices for Setting Performance Goals with Employees

It’s review time again, and setting performance goals with your employees for the upcoming year usually goes hand in hand with reviews. Having a goal setting conversation during a review is overwhelming and may cause your employee may completely checkout by the goal setting part, so break up these conversations. With that said, goals should […]

by Amy Worthy • January 19, 2016

Measuring Performance Goals: Qualitative vs. Quantitative

Just like we reflect on our past year and set goals for ourselves personally at the start of a new year, so do many businesses. Wait… Does that mean it’s performance review time already? Sure is—and there’s not much you can do to change the past year at this point, but you can help your […]

by Amy Worthy • January 12, 2016

Resolve to be Happy: The Makings of a Good Life

As the year winds to a close, many of us are thinking about New Year’s Resolutions. The most common resolutions are to lose weight, get organized, save money, eat healthy… You’ve heard them all. What’s similar about all of these resolutions is that we believe once we reach these goals we will be happier. Unfortunately, […]

by Amy Worthy • December 28, 2015

Be S.M.A.R.T and Conquer Your Goals

Goal setting is an art. For some, it’s fun and easy. For others, it’s a struggle. Whether you like it or not, goal setting is essential for success. Writing down a list of “to-do’s” like laundry, unload dishwasher, wash the dog, etc. isn’t what I’m talking about here. What is it that you want to […]

by Elizabeth Dickerson • December 9, 2015