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The Problems You Can Run Into When Creating Careers-Specific Social Accounts

When it comes to kicking off your employer branding efforts, there are three big buckets to think about: careers site, content, and social media. Your careers site and the content that will go on it are pretty easy to isolate from an employer branding perspective—there’s no question if these should be all-employee-focused all the time. […]

by Kate Weimer • September 28, 2017

How to Build an Employer Brand Ambassadorship Program at Your Company

If it’s been said once, it’s been said a million times: there is no better resource to build your employer brand and show candidates what life is like in your company than the talent you currently have working for you. A few of the ways you can leverage this goldmine of a resource: Getting your […]

by Kate Weimer • September 15, 2017
employer branding

Telling Employer Branding Stories the Right Way

When it comes to employer branding, there are countless formats to create from, platforms to present in, and stories to tell. With all the options you have when developing an employer brand, it’s important to remain focused and bring the brand to life in an authentic way that tells the real stories of your employees—in other words, tell […]

by Kate Weimer • May 16, 2017

#Hashtag Your Way To A Bigger Candidate Pool

As employer branding gurus, we know the importance of leaving our organization’s fingerprint on every piece of content we put out there. It’s pretty easy to do when you have a blog post (like this one), or a video full of branded images and messages to help get your company flavor across. But what about […]

by Emily Kocoloski • May 15, 2017

It’s All About Location: How To Draw Candidates To Your Instagram By Geotagging

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few years you know that Instagram is one of the hottest (and most disruptive) social branding tools out there. And there’s a pretty good reason why—actually, there are 600 million reasons why! Up from 500 million monthly users in June of 2016, it’s safe […]

by Emily Kocoloski • May 1, 2017

Community Management + Employer Branding

Too many times a brand that is new to social media pulls the old “post and dash.” Essentially, they load up their social schedulers or organically post throughout the day and then go hands off once their posts are up. I guess the “social” part of social media got lost on them. Yep, believe it […]

by Kate Weimer • February 7, 2017

Employer Branding and the Power of Storytelling

Storytelling is as old as culture itself—and I’m not just talking about company culture. Culture as a concept must have storytelling, because without it there’s no way shared traditions and values could be passed down. In today’s world, it’s easy to equate storytelling with the forms of media we take in—books, movies and music—but there’s still […]

by Kate Weimer • January 29, 2017

How To Find The Best Keywords For Writing Pinterest Descriptions

Here we are, 4 weeks deep into using Pinterest to grow your employer brand. Last week we talked about how to write descriptions for your pins and why it’s still important–here’s an excerpt: Words are the best way to tell Pinterest what your pins are about. With that  being said, add in related keywords to […]

by Elizabeth Dickerson • November 28, 2016

Monday Morning Mash Up

Wake up, Kinetix fans! Settle into another work week with these 5 can’t-miss stories: Building A Culture Of Innovation Means Being Challenged, Taking Risks And Sometimes Failing – The researchers found that employees feeling a strong sense of challenge in their work is one of the strongest drivers of a culture of innovation. They defined challenge […]

by Kinetix Insider • August 8, 2016

Give Your Employees the Tools They Need to Promote Your Brand on Social Media

Building your employer brand is hard enough within the walls of your own corporate office, and promoting that brand to the outside world—that’s a completely different beast. The good news? You have a whole team backing you who can help you spread the word about how awesome it is at your company (your employees… duh). […]

by Amy Worthy • August 2, 2016