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How Many Photos Do You Need to Kickstart Your Employer Brand?

When you first get your employer brand going, there are a few things that are top of mind: social media accounts, careers site, content for said careers site, employer brand ambassadors, etc. One thing that might not be on that list? Photos. Photos easily fall to the bottom of the list of needs for your […]

by Kate Weimer • February 8, 2018

Recruiting Is All About AI These Days…But What About VR?

While the recruiting world continues to freak out over how AI will affect the hiring process, there are two other letters synonymous with another new technology that’s creeping up in the world that many have yet to pay attention to: VR, or virtual reality. Even if you’re familiar with the functionality of VR, you’re probably […]

by Kate Weimer • November 3, 2017

It’s Time for a New Career Site Experience

Over the past few years at Kinetix, we’ve expanded our recruitment marketing practice and part of that expansion includes career site design and implementation for our clients. We’ve looked at 100’s, maybe even 1000’s of careers sites and pages and have seen everything under the sun when it comes to presenting a career experience to […]

by Patrick Ward • August 4, 2017

Why You Shouldn’t Underestimate the Power of Podcasting For Your Employer Brand

When you hear “employer brand” there are probably a few things that come to mind: your careers site, the written and video content you post there, and the social channels on which you share that content. If you’re doing those three things, you’re probably already doing more than most. But there’s one item that may […]

by Kate Weimer • August 1, 2017

How Twitter Bots Are Hurting Your Employer Brand

The Talent Industry is currently buzzing about bots and automation coming for our jobs thanks to the widespread alarmist articles filling our news feeds. But don’t worry – this isn’t one of those blog posts and we aren’t about to dive into the issues with those bots. Oh no, the bots we are concerned with […]

by Emily Kocoloski • June 1, 2017

Uber’s Scandals Prove the Relationship Consumer & Employer Brands Have

Last week my colleague wrote about why your consumer and employer brands should be linked. There’s a bunch of great info in there as to the importance of making sure what you put out in the consumer world reflect what is going on in your employees’ world. Maybe I’m bolstering the argument or maybe I’m defending […]

by Kate Weimer • March 2, 2017

There’s an EVP in Them Thar Hills

“There’s gold in them thar hills!” – unknown The original speaker of the above quote may be unknown (with a few suspects), but its background is not. Whoever spoke it first was referring to the gold rushes in Georgia and California, insisting upon the riches any brave miners might find. This context makes it an ideal quote to plug […]

by Kate Weimer • February 21, 2017

Here’s Exactly How To Write Pinterest Descriptions To Build Your Employer Brand

The rules of SEO, Google search, and using keywords are always changing with the wind. Along with that, Pinterest just changed the way it displays pins and descriptions. Long story short–Pinterest  now only displays the pin image and title while truncating the pin descriptions. So is writing descriptions for pins still worth it? Uh, YES! Here’s […]

by Elizabeth Dickerson • November 21, 2016

The Art of Social Media Posting: #Hashtags

As a recruitment process outsourcing firm that stands on the frontier of recruiting, we like to christen all new Kinetix employees with a healthy dose of social media training. The two social media we most heavily focus on are LinkedIn and Twitter, and part of the training involves asking whether or not the trainees know certain words and […]

by Kate Weimer • November 13, 2016

Give Your Employees the Tools They Need to Promote Your Brand on Social Media

Building your employer brand is hard enough within the walls of your own corporate office, and promoting that brand to the outside world—that’s a completely different beast. The good news? You have a whole team backing you who can help you spread the word about how awesome it is at your company (your employees… duh). […]

by Amy Worthy • August 2, 2016