Employee Relations

What Do You Owe Your Employees When They Leave?

I was browsing through the old Twitter-sphere the other day and came across this gem: Along with being a humorous but heartfelt gift, the idea behind it got me thinking – what are the general guidelines for what employers should give their employees who are leaving on their last day of work? But first, a […]

by Kate Weimer • February 2, 2018

The First Labor Day Was 135 Years Ago—Here’s How Far We’ve Come

This past Monday, the working masses turned their alarm clocks off, fired up their grills (or their Netflixes), and gave a toast to having a three day weekend in observance of Labor Day. Though this year’s Labor Day fell on September 4th, Tuesday September 5th marked the 135th anniversary of the very first official Labor […]

by Kate Weimer • September 6, 2017

It’s Only a Matter of Time Until You Hire a Digital Employee – What Does that Mean for Your “Analog” Employees?

CMS Wire recently posted an article titled, Ready or Not, Here Come the ‘Digital Employees’. It was the term ‘Digital Employees’ that caught my attention in the article’s title. HR has been talking about the dreaded artificial intelligence takeover since someone put the letters ‘A’ and ‘I’ next to each other, but never had I […]

by Kate Weimer • August 8, 2017

HR Lessons From Uber’s Meltdown

As I’m sure you’ve seen in the news this week, it’s been a rough go of it lately for the rideshare pioneer and giant Uber. Their string of self-inflicted public relations and employee nightmares has built up throughout the year and finally came to a head with the leave of absence taken by their CEO, […]

by Patrick Ward • June 16, 2017

Where’s the Limit on Appeasing Different Personality Types in the Workplace?

The obvious function of any behavioral assessment during the recruiting process is to see if a candidate fits the soft skills side of the job they are interviewing for. Recruiters or hiring managers can take results from a behavioral assessment and tailor interview questions to dig into any red flags they might see. One often overlooked use […]

by Kate Weimer • June 6, 2017
feedback charlie brown

Consistent Positive Feedback is Important for When Things Are Going Bad

There’s a delicate balancing act in the game of providing feedback to your employees…or, at least, there should be. Let’s illustrate why by taking a look into a scene I call: average day in corporate America. Manager: Employee, can you do this for me? Employee does the thing accurately and on time. Manager: Employee, can you do […]

by Kate Weimer • April 12, 2017

What Are Trolls? Internet trolls are an abundant and unfortunate byproduct of the internet’s unlimited amounts of communication and anonymity. In the early days of the internet, trolls were limited to message boards and the term was saved for users who had anonymous profile images and usernames that went around causing trouble for the sake of it. As the internet has […]

by Kate Weimer • March 28, 2017