The vast world of social media has created a tremendous impact on our culture and the way we do business, especially in recruiting. Overall, social media has changed the manner in which employers market their companies and recruit their best hires.

In fact, according to this social media survey, it is estimated that 92 percent of employers adopted some form of social recruiting since 2012.  Our goal at Kinetix is to always be on top of #socialmedia best practices.

Educate yourself on the top 4 things you might be doing wrong in social recruiting and how to do them right:

#1 Not creating a clear vision for your social media (strategy and target audience)   

Are you the type of recruiter who just posts to your social media with no rhyme or reason? When creating a social media strategy, it is best to know your audience and from there build the strategy that will most appeal to them. In general, we suggest posting to your social media channels at least once a day to stay relevant and from there post more depending on that audience.

For example, if you are working within the healthcare recruiting space, weekends and weekdays are free game to be posting and be actively engaging on social media as healthcare is a 24/7 field. If you are targeting executive candidates, good times to post are Mondays – Fridays around lunch or in the afternoon, usually during their downtimes.

With social media being on the internet and the internet having so much vast knowledge, getting to know your audience is easier than ever and from there you can start strategizing like a pro.

#2 Posting Irrelevant Content 

Mr. Potter calls it right. If you are the recruiter who just posts to post and has no real strategy, who are you?

Social media for recruiters is a double edge sword. You might be looking for candidates on there and candidates might be looking for recruiters on there. This all goes back to your audience. You should be posting articles that will relate to your audience to attract them to your profiles. You should also be posting articles that you find interesting as well which contributes to your overall social brand and enables candidates to gauge who you are!

#3 Not Using Social Media 

As Kim K would say, Instagram is the only social media that matters, but in the world of recruiting we don’t listen to Kim K.

In order to reach candidates today, social media is the key to success. Perhaps the most popular use of social media recruiting is to source prospective candidates. Some 53 percent of respondents using social networking said they do so to search for passive candidates. Just over two-thirds say that social networking helps them reach candidates who they otherwise wouldn’t know about or couldn’t contact.

If you don’t have an Instagram, a Twitter or a LinkedIn you should consider a career change or jump on the bandwagon of social media to start finding those purple squirrel candidates you couldn’t reach before.

#4 No training   

We like to think Michael Scott is always right, but Wikipedia is not the answer on being social media savvy. We have some great resources below that will help you navigate the wide world of social media that don’t involve Wikipedia:

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If you can avoid these blunders and use your social media the right way in recruiting, we are willing to bet the number of candidates on your desk will rise. Our recruiters do it and so can you!

Al Hill

Al Hill is a Marketing Coordinator at Kinetix, specializing in social media and content marketing at Kinetix. Her passions include creating fresh ideas and bringing them to life. Her superpowers include interpersonal connection, website editing, content writing, content creation and social media marketing. Want to hang? Hit her up on Twitter
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