If you are just tuning in, this is the third installment of Recruiting: The Race to the Finish. To read the 2nd installment, click here.

In the standard recruiting process, you discover, research and apply. We already talked about step 1 and step 2 and now it is step 3’s turn: Apply. Mile 3 of a 5K is like step 3 of the recruiting process: it is game time.

This is the most important step in getting the best talent. You can’t give up now, you haven’t hooked your candidate completely. You have to keep them warm up until the last possible second.  At this point in the process these should be the candidates that are ready to take the leap for your job. They are ready for their interviews and they are making the final stride into their new beginnings.

 In mile 3 of a 5K, this is when it is time to pick up the pace and give it all you’ve got. If you had given up and not taken the leap, then you wouldn’t have made it this far –  You still would have been back at mile 2. Mile 3 is when you are tired, your body hurts and you just want to be done. Your lips are dry, you need water and your body is yelling at you to slow down. You have to keep reminding yourself you are almost to the finish line and then it will all be worth it.

 You will have that hire. Remember how good that feels?

In recruiting you can’t give up because you have numbers to hit and you need this position filed. If you have pushed through the first 2 steps and have a solid pool of candidates to present, then you both should be ready for the submittal process. If your candidate is ready to pick up the pace then make sure you have a standard process and a streamlined, well-constructed process that will maximize your conversions from interested candidates to applicants.

It’s the last 100 meters in your race. You can see the finish line and suddenly all the voices in your head are silenced. You are going to make it and finish with a good time. You increased the pace.  You have pushed your candidates to the finish. You are a recruiter and your sole job is to find the right candidates, get them ready for the rollercoaster process of interviews and prepare them to be your next great hire.

Al Hill

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