disney princessesFinding that perfect candidate for your job opening isn’t easy. You are looking for that special someone who not only fits within your company’s culture but also successfully contributes to your organization. Sounds pretty simple, pause not! Here are some important tips from a few of the Disney Princesses on how to recruit a great candidate:

Jasmine—When Jasmine’s incredibly short father tried to make her marry a bunch of snobby dudes that she hated, she didn’t just let it happen. She stood up for herself, with the assistance of her pet tiger, and basically said, “Yo dad, I want to marry this street rat instead”. Recruiters need to make sure they find candidates that will LIKE the job, not just be able to perform well at it. Otherwise, the person will probably end up leaving the job fairly quickly, or will stop working as hard. Instead, it is important to find a Jasmine who knows what they want and isn’t willing to settle.

Mulan—When the Chinese Army needed men, Mulan dressed up as a dude and enliMulansted for her father and let me tell you, she did NOT disappoint. She was the only soldier who could climb up to the top of the wooden pillar with weights around her wrists, oh and she SAVED CHINA. Just because the majority of people working in a certain field are men doesn’t mean a girl wouldn’t kick @$$ at the job too. As a recruiter it is important to look past biases and find the candidate who will save China, regardless of their gender.

Pocahontas—When the Englishmen and settlers arrived in Virginia to claim the land and kill anyone in their way, Poca sang with all the voices of the mountain to bring her tribe and the Englishmen together. Against all odds, she saved thousands of lives and helped people come together despite their differences. When finding a new hire, it is important for a recruiter to look for someone who is not only talented in their field, but someone who can bring people together and form solid relationships with any and all of their teammates and co-workers.

Belle—This Beauty got herself into a bit of a sticky situation when she was captured by the Beast, but she didn’t lbeauty-and-beast-snow-birdset it bring her down. Instead she feasted with a talking Candlestick and Teapot, read tons of books, and fed the birds. Then BAM, suddenly things got WAY better for her. The beast turned into a super good looking man, her father was saved, the Candlestick and Teapot turned back into humans and she was filled with happiness. Some positions you are hiring for have been open for a while and work has piled up or sometimes a new hire is asked to jump into a role at the busiest time for the company. As a recruiter, it is important to find a Belle who can adapt even in a difficult/stressful situation and become successful and happy in that role.

While the stories of these Disney Princesses may be a bit far-fetched (talking to teapots and willow trees…c’mon) if you look a little closer at each story you will find a talent within each Princess that makes them a great candidate for a job. As recruiters it is important to look for these Disney Princess qualities to help you find your perfect candidate (and yes I am condoning Disney movie viewings as a work assignment).

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