Data Mining: How To Acquire Accurate Contact Info for Candidates

Hopefully as a power sourcing recruiter or talent acquisition pro, you have a few tools in your arsenal that allow you to scrape contact data from a candidate’s LinkedIn or other social profiles. Products such as Hunter, Prophet, ReachOut, ContactOut, and Hiretual have entered the market over the past couple of years and have been billed […]

by Patrick Ward • June 2, 2017

Ask A Recruiter Feat Mark Morris

Our Kinetix recruiters are what helps our company be the best firm out there, and with that responsibility you have to be a kick a$$ teammate to be a part of our team! This month we are featuring one of our recently new Kinetix kick a$$ teammates, Mark Morris. At Kinetix when looking at different […]

by Al Hill • June 2, 2017

How Twitter Bots Are Hurting Your Employer Brand

The Talent Industry is currently buzzing about bots and automation coming for our jobs thanks to the widespread alarmist articles filling our news feeds. But don’t worry – this isn’t one of those blog posts and we aren’t about to dive into the issues with those bots. Oh no, the bots we are concerned with […]

by Emily Kocoloski • June 1, 2017
linkedin profile

5 Easy Things Recruiters Can Do To Spice Up Their LinkedIn Profiles in the Next 20 Minutes

Despite tales of doom and gloom for everyone’s favorite professional social network, LinkedIn is still kicking. Earlier this year it went through a massive appearance overhaul, and, as recently as this month, it was reported that 3.4 million candidates are signaling to recruiters they’re open for jobs. In the same way it doesn’t seem like anything can touch Facebook’s […]

by Kate Weimer • June 1, 2017

20 Ways To Find Candidates On Social Media

Candidates are all around us. Passive or active, they’re all hiding out in the same place—social media. Finding your ideal candidates on social media isn’t as hard as you’d think, it just takes a little bit of strategy, searching, and time a few days a week (or more frequent than that if you’re all in!) […]

by Elizabeth Dickerson • May 31, 2017

Asking for Current Salaries Without Putting Candidates Off

Recruiting is all about talking to people: talking to candidates during the whole process, talking to hiring managers as you move candidates along, talking to your teammates about different strategies for clients, and the list goes on. With all the people recruiters talk to and all the different conversations they engage in each day, perhaps […]

by Kate Weimer • May 27, 2017

3 Engaging Podcast Topic Ideas To Catch Candidate Attention

We’ve decided podcasting is worth the time and investment as a form of employer branding and connecting with your candidate audience. There’s an opportunity to get deep with podcasting through capturing stories of employees, sharing tips and tricks, or interesting banter back and forth between experts. Any serious job-seeker is going to suck all of […]

by Elizabeth Dickerson • May 26, 2017

Cutting Through The Noise: How To Run A Successful Talent Community Campaign

In today’s world of constant information overload, noise, and clutter it can be difficult to attract and retain the attention of those you’re trying to reach. Candidates nowadays are bombarded with emails, targeted ads, and phone calls from all different kinds of sources trying to grab their focus. Even with a talent community full of […]

by Patrick Ward • May 26, 2017

How to Balance Your Life as A Recruiter

Recruiting is all about the balancing act. Realistically recruiting is not a 9-5 job. In order to find and place candidates, you have to always be available. Whether it’s via phone, email or text – you are always on. So, within your recruiting career can you obtain a work-life balance while hitting your weekly calls, […]

by Al Hill • May 22, 2017

Should You Start a Podcast to Boost Your Recruiting Efforts?

There’s something about the spoken word that is more intimate, more personal, more accessible, and more engaging than the written word. I personally love a good podcast—I love to hear other experts’ opinions, industry talk, advice, stories, etc. As I listen to some of my favorite wellness, branding, and marketing podcasts, I feel like I begin […]

by Elizabeth Dickerson • May 18, 2017

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