The Szechuan Sauce Gap: What Happens When Branding Doesn’t Meet Operations

At the beginning of last month, McDonald’s created what started as a brilliant marketing campaign, and what ended as a “scandal” with some very angry customers. The campaign was in reaction to an episode of cult fan favorite cartoon Rick and Morty, where character Rick begs McDonald’s to bring back a sauce that was around in the […]

by Kate Weimer • November 19, 2017

Boost Your Employer Brand This Black Friday

At Precisely 8pm on Thanksgiving Thursday, Americans all over the country lose their napkin bibs, slide out of their 5-course comas, and trade their silverware for shopping bags. That’s right folks – ready or not, Black Friday is coming. If you are like me you will do pretty much anything to avoid the hassle of […]

by Emily Kocoloski • November 17, 2017

Thinking Ahead: Cool Company Christmas Gifts Your Clients Will Actually Like

It’s time to start thinking ahead about Christmas gifts for your clients—and, please, leave the foil-wrapped chocolate oranges in 1997. Do you really want to impress your clients? You need to WOW them with a gift that they will actually like and will actually use. We’re thinking beyond the Honey Baked Ham gift cards (even […]

by Elizabeth Dickerson • November 16, 2017

The Marketing Team at Kinetix Shares Why Employer Branding is an Essential Piece of Recruiting

Have you heard of this little thing called employer branding? At Kinetix, our recruitment marketing team eats, sleeps and breathes employer branding on a daily basis. Kinetix is known for its kick @$$ recruiting and RPO services. With our recruiting efforts taking up 90% of the business, the leftover 10% is shared between HR consulting […]

by Al Hill • November 13, 2017

The *Real* Way You Make Your Employer Brand Come To Life On Social Media

Your social media checklist for your employer brand might look something a little like this: Careers-focused channels created? Check. Posting regularly? Check. Growing your audience? Check. While those items alone ensure a robust social media plan, there’s one big item that’s missing in order for your employer brand to truly come alive on social media: […]

by Kate Weimer • November 6, 2017

Ideas Are Worthless Without Execution

Ideas are everywhere. It’s the execution that’s rare. I often hear or see so many people who complain about wanting something that other people have, or something they want to be done, or want others to do, or want to change something, etc. but won’t do anything themselves to get stuff moving forward… Can you […]

by Elizabeth Dickerson • November 3, 2017

Recruiting Is All About AI These Days…But What About VR?

While the recruiting world continues to freak out over how AI will affect the hiring process, there are two other letters synonymous with another new technology that’s creeping up in the world that many have yet to pay attention to: VR, or virtual reality. Even if you’re familiar with the functionality of VR, you’re probably […]

by Kate Weimer • November 3, 2017

How to Have a Balanced Work Life

Having a defined work-life balance is an important aspect in most people’s lives. As a dedicated recruiter you want to do as much as you can, to not only get the job done, but be that employee that goes to infinity and beyond. With technology becoming easily accessible—aka right at our finger tips—checking email at […]

by Al Hill • November 1, 2017

Hiring Horror Stories Part II: Talent Tricks & Treats

Happy Halloween to all of our talent industry ghosts and gurus! We hope you are ready for our next batch of spooktacular hiring horror stories because we are going straight for the sweet spot: candidate tricks and treats. So grab your favorite Halloween candy – *cough cough* Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins – and dive into some […]

by Emily Kocoloski • October 31, 2017

Four Tips on Preparing Your Candidates for the Holiday Season

BOO! Christmas is coming and the turkey is getting fat! With the end of the year approaching quickly and the holidays coming faster than the speed of light, things for recruiters are about to pick up. Hiring managers are going to be putting the pressure on recruiters to fill their jobs before they vanish into […]

by Al Hill • October 27, 2017

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