Bad Luck or Bad Recruiting?

It’s Friday the 13th – that means beware any black cats you see, ladders you walk under, mirrors you break, salt you spill and all other omens of a truly unlucky day. Whether or not you personally put much stock in Friday the 13th being a particularly unlucky day, most people probably believe, at least […]

by Kate Weimer • October 13, 2017

Why You Should Close Candidates On A Good Note (Even If You Know They’re NOT Going To Get The Job)

Imagine a situation: You’ve set up an interview on the phone with a candidate. It’s immediately obvious that you won’t be submitting this candidate due client changing the specs/job requirements—or maybe you realize they’re just not a good fit. What do you do? Do you let them off the hook quickly? Because… they’re not going […]

by Elizabeth Dickerson • October 13, 2017

Hiring Horror Stories: Come In Costume

When the clock struck midnight on September 22nd, swimsuits transformed into sweaters, glittering fireflies became screeching bats, and every latte suddenly tasted like pumpkin. I’m just saying maybe Cinderella didn’t really leave the glass slipper behind at the ball – but instead traded it in for a sensible seasonal boot. At Kinetix, we love these […]

by Emily Kocoloski • October 10, 2017

3 Real Reasons Why Specialty Recruiters Beat Out the Competition

Generalized recruiter or specialty recruiter—the age old question. On the one hand, you might think a generalized recruiter would be better. They can handle anything you throw at them! IT? Got it. Healthcare? No problem. Manufacturing? They can do that too. But then on the other hand, you may think a specialty recruiter would be […]

by Kate Weimer • October 6, 2017

Natural Disasters WILL help your Recruiting Efforts—It’s a Fact

In case you missed it… Last month we talked about how the recent hurricanes would affect the job market and how recruiters should use that to their advantage in, Hurricanes or Bust? How Natural Disasters Can Help Your Recruiting Efforts. Let’s reflect on a piece from that post:  “With Hurricane Irma a recent scar to […]

by Al Hill • October 6, 2017

Do You Call Out The Candidate That Lied During the Phone Screen?

  Storytime. What had happened was… There was this candidate who lied about never having previously applied to the company before the recruiter submitted him. The hiring manager came back to the recruiter saying, “This guy has applied 7 other times and we denied him. Not interested.” All while making the recruiter look dumb to […]

by Elizabeth Dickerson • October 5, 2017

The Problems You Can Run Into When Creating Careers-Specific Social Accounts

When it comes to kicking off your employer branding efforts, there are three big buckets to think about: careers site, content, and social media. Your careers site and the content that will go on it are pretty easy to isolate from an employer branding perspective—there’s no question if these should be all-employee-focused all the time. […]

by Kate Weimer • September 28, 2017

How To Use Periscope for an Engaging Company Culture

I feel like Periscope fell off the face of the Earth. It was HOT for a couple of years… 2015 and 2016… but this year I haven’t heard much about it. Which is sad, honestly, because it’s a killer tool to use for internal communications and marketing at your company. That’s why I’m bringing periscope […]

by Elizabeth Dickerson • September 28, 2017

Social Media Blunders to Avoid as a Recruiter

The vast world of social media has created a tremendous impact on our culture and the way we do business, especially in recruiting. Overall, social media has changed the manner in which employers market their companies and recruit their best hires. In fact, according to this social media survey, it is estimated that 92 percent of […]

by Al Hill • September 19, 2017
Kinetix Kares Houston Texas

Kinetix Kares And So Should You

At Kinetix we have a mantra: “We weren’t too ambitious when we started out. We just wanted to be the biggest thing that ever walked the planet.” These famous words from Steven Tyler encompass everything about the culture at Kinetix – how we rock our business, how we connect with our teammates, and how we […]

by Emily Kocoloski • September 19, 2017

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