So you’ve accepted a new job which means you are officially the new kid in the office. Within the first few weeks of your job you are going to meet a lot of people, forget a ton of those people’s names, and have the same conversation about yourself over and over again until you turn blue in the face. Being the new guy/girl may not be easy or comfortable but if you do things right it can actually be really super fun. Here are some tips on how to be the BEST NEW HIRE EVER straight from the words of my favorite human being: Kid President.


“If life is a game, aren’t we all on the same team? I mean, really, right? I’m on your team, be on my team”: One of the best parts of starting a new job is meeting the teammates that you will be working with on a daily basis. And if you are working a job that you are passionate about, these people will probably be like-minded humans who are into the same things that you are. That means you are getting brand new friends and who doesn’t like making new friends? Make sure to let these teammates know right off the bat that you are all on the same team. You’re on their team, and they should be on your team! And Voila! New friends and an awesome work environment. 

“Life is like school, you gotta show up. You can’t just sleep in, you can’t be late, and you can’t just hang out in the bathroom, that’s gross”: Whether it is your first job or your tenth, this new job will probably have different hours and a different schedule to get used to. In order to make a lasting impression on your boss and your new friends/teammates it is important to show up. Don’t call in sick right away, never show up late (early is on time and on time is late), and don’t hide in the bathroom when things get hard! The easiest way to ROCK being the new hire is to BE THERE because that’s half the battle.

“It’s easy to make fun of stuff, but it’s cooler to make stuff”: Office gossip exists everywhere. EV-ER-EEE-WHERE. Yes, the gossip is really fun to hear, and sometimes you just can’t get away from it. We get it. But as a new hire, try to avoid adding to the office gossip. If it starts up at a table you are sitting at or somewhere you can’t get away, we understand, but don’t fuel the fire. Just sit back, listen and then beeline back to your desk and do something awesome in your job that will impress your boss. That will feel way more productive.

Kid-President-time-to-be-awesome“What will you create to make the world awesome? Nothing if you keep sitting there”: With every job there comes the temptation of procrastinating your work to focus on something more fun, like watching Kid President videos, or reading Buzzfeed. As a new hire, it is crucial to avoid getting the reputation of “not working” within the first few months. Instead of just sitting there, think about how you will make the world or even just your job awesome. Come up with new processes, create exciting content, or pitch an idea to your boss. 

Kid President can teach us a lot about how to rock any situation and be a better person everyday. Follow these few tips and guarantee you will be the coolest new hire your company has ever seen. I will leave you with one last and most important Kid Pres quote of all time: “Give people high-fives just for getting out of bed. Being a person is hard sometimes.” 



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