Sooo…. Our video series featuring our fearless leader, Shannon Russo, got hacked.

Sometimes things go awry—but can you help us figure out who did it?

By the way, happy birthday Shannon! Thanks so much for making all of us at Kinetix feel appreciated and motivated to keep the business going strong. We love you!

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Lean In is a Kinetix original series where our CEO, Shannon Russo, gives us the down and dirty on what’s happening in the HR and Recruiting space. From how to better manage your social media to gain more leads as a recruiter, to major changes in the talent playing field, you’ll get the scoop here. So lean in with Shannon and take a listen. You might just learn something.

Elizabeth Dickerson

Elizabeth Dickerson is the Creative Marketing Lead at Kinetix, specializing in Graphic Design + Video Production. She uses her mad skills and desire to make an unforgettable visual impact to bring all things media, design, and video to life in the HR and Recruitment Marketing world. Want to hang? She's probably in the gym or the editing room drinking cold-brew coffee, so find her best on Twitter or LinkedIn, or email her at