grant at genius barYa down with YPC?! Yeah, you know me…

The induction of The Kinetix Young Professionals Club kicked it off right last week, as our interns, employees, and other awesome young professionals in the Atlanta area rocked Kinetix HQ.

There were networking icebreakers—BINGO style. There was a great presentation on how to stand out on the interweb via LinkedIn, given by our Marketing Manager, Holland Dombeck. There were recruiters waiting at our Genius Bar, ready to beef up scrappy LinkedIn profiles in mere minutes.

There were chicken nuggets…

At any rate, the kickoff event went off without a hitch, thanks to our wonderful creators, who happen to be kick @$$ interns as well, Julia Odum and Matt Russo. So, if you’re interested in getting out in Atlanta and linking up with fellow career-minded individuals like yourself, Kinetix YPC is the place. to. be.

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YPC out!