This week we had the pleasure of having Terri Deuel, a leadership consultant and Executive & Team Coach, come and talk with us. Terri previously spent over 30 years in corporate America, mostly with IBM, and found her own path along the way.

From all of the experiences she shared, it was awesome to hear about her courage and strength to try new things and not always stay somewhere just to be safe. When she left IBM, she went and worked for a company that was doing great up until the tech bubble popped. She didn’t lose hope, stuck around, and eventually worked for another .com company. The company was basically worth nothing in the beginning, but after Terri worked diligently to help turn it around for 8 years, it was sold for $300 million.

This was just another testament to how strong-willed and independent she is. One of our biggest takeaways as interns was her emphasis on needing a mentor or a sponsor. She explained that a mentor is someone who gives you needed information in order to help with your career, but a sponsor is someone who is really invested in your personal journey forward. These are crucial people to have in your corner. They will teach you the necessary ropes and believe in you when you don’t have confidence in yourself.

She also made an illustration about an everything bagel. People are taught that they can’t have everything, yet there is an everything bagel. She challenged us to not believe in that expectation. She talked about how people bump right up against the line of expectation, and never try to go beyond that threshold. Terri encouraged us to open ourselves to the journey and grab onto the life that we are entitled to truly have. She wants all of us to be open to what transpires in our journey and understand that happiness isn’t based in the moment, but long term.

Terri left us with 5 themes to help us along our journeys:

  1. Meaning

She said you have to have meaning in your journey. She told us we needed to love what we do and feel that it truly matters.

  1. Framing

Terri talked about we use our thoughts to make our world. It all starts with the way we think and how we choose to create our stories. As human beings we have the desire to know, and for what we can’t know, we make up. When we know it is all made up, we are able to take a step back and change our perspective when necessary.

  1. Connecting

The key in any career is asking for and receiving help. It is easy to give help, but extremely hard for most people to ask for it. The thing we have to remember is that the only requirement when we receive help is a thank you—that is all. That’s what we’re here for, being part of a bigger purpose.

  1. Engaging

The fourth thing she talked about was engaging. There’s so much to learn from our body, and it us up to us to learn to read what it’s telling us. It is important to stay curious, as well as to lean on your body for intuition and guidance.

  1. Energizing

Being energized is an essential need in life, not just in the work world. We must learn how to energize ourselves in order to maximize our time throughout the day. We can only be valuable to others and ourselves once we take the time and care needed to take care of our bodies and be energized.

Thank you, Terri, for taking the time to share your knowledge with us!

Adam 2Adam Aldred, Central Michigan University: I am a rising senior at Central Michigan University, where I play baseball and major in Marketing and Computer Science. I am proud to be a part of the 2015 MAC Championship team and know firsthand that hard work, commitment and teamwork drive results. I have a personal passion for baseball, health and wellness, leadership and digital and social marketing. I am from The Woodlands, TX, and I am very excited to learn as much as possible this summer at Kinetix.


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