Over the past few years at Kinetix, we’ve expanded our recruitment marketing practice and part of that expansion includes career site design and implementation for our clients. We’ve looked at 100’s, maybe even 1000’s of careers sites and pages and have seen everything under the sun when it comes to presenting a career experience to candidates. No longer is it acceptable to slap up a list of open jobs and hope candidates can navigate your clunky page that was thrown together by a disinterested marketing team that has no real insight into your talent acquisition function anyway.

To compete for top talent now, it’s critical that you present your company’s values, culture, and opportunities (AKA Employer Brand) in a way that drives candidates to apply to your jobs. One of the best ways you can do that is by building a career site that enhances the candidate experience and presents your company as a must-apply destination. Even if you’re not quite there with your career site yet, I’m here to offer some tips and tricks you can use to enhance your recruiting and employer branding efforts.

  1. Highlight Real Employees. This is one of the easiest ways to show off your workplace culture and make an impression on potential candidates. Don’t fall into the trap of using stock art or pictures of your buildings, food, products, etc. Create sections of your career site that show off pictures of your employees and workspace. Get them on video talking about the passion they have for their roles or giving advice to all the candidates who land on the page.
  2. Make It Easy To Apply. Have you ever landed on a company’s careers page and searched with no success for the list of jobs or the “apply now” button? When a candidate hits your career site, the “apply now” button should be front and center and directed to your ATS. Don’t make candidates search and search just to apply. Newsflash: you want applicants! Put it above the fold and in multiple places on the careers site. Design it for the lowest common denominator of user.
  3. Show Off Your Social. Having a careers-related social presence is another critical component of having a killer employer brand. Even if you’re not ready for the senior-level course by creating careers-specific Facebook or Twitter pages, you can show off your social presence with a widget embedded on your careers site. Instagram is a great platform to showcase as it serves to give candidates a behind-the-scenes-look at your culture and who they’d be working with. Don’t be afraid to experiment with live video either. We’ve seen a great response from our Instagram and Snapchat stories.

By following the steps above, you can start to create an employer brand that will get you noticed by the top talent you need in your company. If you’re ready to make the leap but unsure of where your site stands, Kinetix has created a careers site and social recruiting audit that scores companies on a 10 point scale in some of the key areas I highlighted above. If you’d like to receive a free audit, hit the link here to request one from the Kinetix team. We’ll turn it around in a week or so and then walk you through some of the things you’re doing well and some things you can improve upon. Remember, in today’s fight for talent, a great careers site can go a long way in positioning your company as one-to-work-for.

Patrick Ward

Patrick is the Marketing Communications Lead at Kinetix, specializing in marketing campaign delivery and analysis. As a data junkie, he can be found in the lab looking at charts, spreadsheets, and campaign results while blasting Radiohead on his headphones. Want to chat? You can find Patrick on Twitter or LinkedIn or contact him via email.