If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few years you know that Instagram is one of the hottest (and most disruptive) social branding tools out there. And there’s a pretty good reason why—actually, there are 600 million reasons why! Up from 500 million monthly users in June of 2016, it’s safe to say that Instagram has got the sauce.

Let’s talk location.

Instagram is like an instant employer status update for potential candidates—but instead of just using words, you captivate your audience with pictures and videos. But do you know what candidates see right above that photo you posted? They see a geotag—and there are a few good reasons why your company account should be using this specific location tagging feature.

I. It looks polished and professional: Instagram allows users to live in the moment by scrolling through many photos fast. This means that if you have a description that requires candidates to click that faded “more” button, chances are they will go right past it.

But – if you have an awesome picture and a geotagged location, you get major legitimacy points. Seeing a location tag can even prompt a potential candidate to further engage with the post (which is why we are even on the app in the first place – right?) Tagging your location cuts down on description characters while also giving potential new candidates some info upfront – win, win!

II. Put yourself on the map: Geotags link the text to a nifty in-app map that pinpoints the exact location you fill in.

By knowing where you are, potential candidates feel more engaged and included in the experience – whether you are hosting an employee scavenger hunt in the park, or just celebrating with an ice cream social at HQ (in that case please invite me).

Give the people location information so that they can put you on their employer radar.

III. Go beyond your own account: Have you ever clicked on a geotag? If you answered yes, then you know just how powerful that single location indicator can be.

If you have never interacted with a geotag here is the skinny. When you click the linked location, you’re not just shown a pin and a map. You get the chance to peruse every geotagged photo and video taken at that location.

So if your employees or guests snapped a photo in your office and took the care to geotag it, everyone on the ‘gram can see it! Meaning that potential candidates can experience the perspective of your employees.

Long story short—it feels more authentic to page visitors.

The more familiar users are with your brand and where you operate, the more likely they are to become brand fans (and who doesn’t love having fans?!) With time and the right insta-branding, one of those lucky fans could become your next employee of the month!

Happy geotagging Instagram friends!

Emily Kocoloski

Emily Kocoloski is a Marketing Coordinator at Kinetix, specializing in employer brand management and social media strategy. When she isn’t creating and sourcing cool content, she is working as the hidden camera at Kinetix HQ.

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