Natural disasters have been on the public mind lately. With the Category 4 Hurricane Harvey ramming right through Texas followed by Hurricane Irma, Category 4-5, 16 days later blowing through Florida, there is a lot to say about how these will affect the job market.

As a recruiter, following the trends of the job market is essential to success as this will directly affect you and the amount of jobs that sit on your desk.

Not to sound inhumane, but according to past major hurricanes, such as Sandy and Katrina, the tally of people who file for unemployment benefits for the first time climb exponentially after natural disasters (see graph below). As a recruiter, this should be a time where you put the pedal to the metal and recruit these people who have filed for unemployment to your cities for the jobs that sit on your desk. These same people who might be qualified for your positions, who before this tragic set of events might not have ever picked up your call, will now pick up.

Most recently, according to CBS news, “The number of people seeking U.S. unemployment benefits soared last week by the most in nearly five years, driven by the storm’s impact on Texas and Louisiana. The Labor Department said Thursday that weekly applications for jobless aid jumped 62,000 to a seasonally adjusted 298,000, reaching the highest level in two years.”

In your positon as a recruiter, you have a steady incomed position in a new city or state. These people have lost everything and will have to start over either in their current city or someplace new. On your desk sits a job, to them it could be a cry of new hope and new beginnings.

With Hurricane Irma a recent scar to millions in the state of Florida, numbers of unemployment surely will continue to rise in the next few days and weeks.

I’m not saying to start calling into the territories of Texas, Louisiana and Florida today, but facts are facts and these people need the opportunity to get out and start anew. You have the power – Happy Hunting.

Al Hill

Al Hill is a Marketing Coordinator at Kinetix, specializing in social media and content marketing at Kinetix. Her passions include creating fresh ideas and bringing them to life. Her superpowers include interpersonal connection, website editing, content writing, content creation and social media marketing. Want to hang? Hit her up on Twitter
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