If you didn’t catch our last blog post about the power of Crowdfire and what it can do for your personal brand/follower reach, here’s the gist.

Crowdfire has awesome, FREE growth features for virtually anyone with less than 3,000 Twitter followers – so recruiters and talent pros can stack their audiences with industry gurus and top talent. We’ve been over the copy followers feature, so now it’s time to flip the script and talk about keyword searching abilities.

Crowdfire explains: “This awesome feature for Twitter helps you narrow down the kind of accounts you want to follow. All you’ve got to do is type in the criterion (such as ‘humor’, ‘business’, or ‘ice cream’), and we will show you the Twitter accounts that tweet the most about these topics.”

Here is how you can use the keyword search function from Crowdfire to find the best candidate/industry accounts that will build your audience, and grow your personal brand:

1._Source Specific Candidate Fields: Use these keywords to find potential candidates from your industry of choice. For example, if you are looking for a cool website designer you can search CSS or Hexadecimal to find users who are actively tweeting about their interests.

These candidates immerse themselves in their career fields by turning to Twitter to talk about hot topics. This means that they have a deeper passion for what they do, making them valuable to recruiting professionals like you.

Pro tip: Do some research on your open position and get a feel for that industry’s typical jargon. This helps separate the posers from the true talent.

2.  Spot The Industry Advocates: Utilize this tool to find users like you who live for talent talk, by searching keywords like sourcing or recruitment marketing. These are your peeps – so they will take an interest in what you share, and you will probably love what they tweet about too!

These are great social connections to make – they can help you stay up on the latest trends in talent, and keep your personal feed engaging for your other followers.

3.  Location, Location: Crowdfire came up with a nifty concept that is a HUGE benefit for recruiters using Twitter to source fresh talent. The site allows users to pair any specific city with saved keyword searches.

Looking for new recruiters in Atlanta or a sales manager in Denver? Easy – just add it to your searchable keyword list!

 Major Cool Feature Alert: After your following spree, you can see who you added, and find out if these users followed you back. Some accounts will ignore your follow– so if they aren’t adding value to your feed or personal brand you can easily unfollow them while on the Crowdfire site.

What are you waiting for? Crowdfire away.

Emily Kocoloski

Emily Kocoloski is a Marketing Coordinator at Kinetix, specializing in employer brand management and social media strategy. When she isn’t creating and sourcing cool content, she is working as the hidden camera at Kinetix HQ.

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