When you screen a candidate, data always needs to be documented in your ATS system.


First things first, keeping clear and detailed logs can really cover you when dealing with high volumes of work. If a placement fell through and next recruiter has information on the candidate and they place a hire, you’ll also get a split of the placement. We also use data from phone screens and time it takes for people to respond (think: Hiring Managers) and we look at those funnels to determine future work with potential clients.

When we pitch our clients, we show that funnel and compare our client funnels to industry benchmarks. This is where we show them where they could be better and how our RPO processes can improve their hiring funnel.

It’s all data driven—and when clients see how efficient or processes are and tracking data, they recognize the value we can provide them. What happens when we land a new client? More requisitions and money for the rest of the teams.

Let’s just say it pays to document the details of the conversations with candidates and hiring leaders. Take a look at this episode of Lean In to hear more about the topic from Shannon!

Elizabeth Dickerson

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