Do you ever get that tingly feeling in your stomach when you find the perfect content to share to your profile? It’s that flawless blog post that nails a point so beautifully, it makes you want to laugh and cry at the same time. You can’t help but click that share button so that you can bestow this captivating content upon the Twittersphere and further solidify your brand.

If you are a personal branding nerd like myself, you know exactly what I am talking about. The only thing standing between you and content marketing bliss is the copy. That’s right – you have to sum up this remarkable piece of content in 140 Twitter characters or less.

Talent industry gurus looking to build a personal brand on social media are living in a golden age of content. You can find pages of stellar material focusing on almost any topic in the recruiting realm with just a few clicks. Now you just have to give your content the support it needs with the right Twitter lead.

So how do you create a Tweet copy that will entice your followers (and potential candidates) to click the link so that they can engage with this content too?

Here are 4 tips to help you craft the perfect Twitter teaser to drive content post engagement:

  1. Give Your Post The “It” Factor: According to Buffer’s Social blog, users are looking for certain things when interacting with a brand on Twitter. They engage most with posts that highlight discounts/free stuff, fun/entertainment, news/updates, and access to exclusive content.Decide what appealing factor you want to emphasize in your copy to get the most eyes on your tweet and achieve maximum audience engagement.
  2. Use Your Voice: Once you’ve landed on an “It” factor, try the first draft of your tweet using your personal voice and see how it flows. Chances are you will exceed the limited number of characters the first time around – so you’ll need to decide what unnecessary words you can part with while also keeping your tweet catchy and branded.

By staying true to your voice you are establishing a connection with the audience and possible new talent, so don’t get lost in industry jargon and forget what your followers came for. You aren’t just selling Twitter users on your post, you want them to be fans of your brand.

Remember: Leave space for the actual link to your content when playing with tweet drafts!

  1. Create A Purpose: Don’t forget to add a killer call to action (CTA) so you can lead your audience to the goods – AKA your content.

Here’s an example of a branded tweet from Kinetix with a CTA:

Your awesome tweet copy has already given Twitter users a reason to stop scrolling – all you need to do now is close the deal with your CTA and get them to click that link.

  1. Don’t Fear Add-Ons: After you get your copy and link formatted just right you might have some extra characters to use. No one is forcing you to add more to your post – but this could be a golden opportunity to do a little hashtag experimentation. Besides, hashtagging is one of the best ways to find new friends on the Twitter playground.

Tagging the blog’s and blogger’s user accounts in your post is another great way to add-on to a copy. This gives your tweet more validity and grabs the blogger’s attention – which will lead to a long and prosperous Twitter friendship.

Ok maybe not, but if bloggers or their fans retweet your post you get some free brand exposure!

Think you’re ready to create the perfect Tweet copy? Tweet this blog post using your own words and tag us for a chance to be retweeted!

Emily Kocoloski

Emily Kocoloski is a Marketing Coordinator at Kinetix, specializing in employer brand management and social media strategy. When she isn’t creating and sourcing cool content, she is working as the hidden camera at Kinetix HQ.

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