This chick quit her job in her dancing shoes, and lived out the fantasy of every unengaged worker across the world.  The video racked up over 15 million views and got tons of media attention. She even got a job offer on the Queen Latifah show. #word

In classic fashion, the video production company she worked for did what it does best—leveraged Marina Shifrin’s (aforementioned chick) viral vid and created a response video that could go either way. Did it seem a bit defensive? Yes. But I can’t blame them for playing the game. They couldn’t let their reputation burn to ashes. And might as well ride the fame wave.

Plus, they had sick dance moves. And a rooftop pool… gotta get those potential job candidates exposure to the rooftop pool they could swim in for hours while they’re working with cameras and laptops. #notreally

Would you hire her? Do you consider her creative or just too plain volatile?

Hashtag employee engagement hastag HR.