At Kinetix we have a mantra:

“We weren’t too ambitious when we started out. We just wanted to be the biggest thing that ever walked the planet.”

These famous words from Steven Tyler encompass everything about the culture at Kinetix – how we rock our business, how we connect with our teammates, and how we work together to give back to the places we call home. With everything we do, we strive to ensure nothing is half done, and all of our efforts kick @$$.

That’s why, when we heard about the damage the category 4 Hurricane Harvey left for our Kinetix family members in Houston, Texas, we knew that something had to be done – and fast.

Enter: Kinetix Kares

Kinetix Kares is our company community outreach program that helps our team organize special projects for local nonprofits and charities. From walks with Down Syndrome Association of Atlanta to school supply drives with The East Atlanta Kids Club, our team loves to get involved. But this time it was personal – these were Kinetix team members who had lost some of their most valued possessions in the storm. These team members have actively contributed to community outreach causes in the past to help us make a difference – and this was our opportunity to repay their kindness.

Our team of go-getters quickly scrambled to set up an event to help raise money for our remote employees affected by Hurricane Harvey. SPOILER ALERT: the event went better than we could have ever imagined, and we raised over $3,000 for our fellow Kinetix family members.

Not only do these types of special projects instill a sense of community and purpose in your office, but they also allow everyone to actively participate in culture building. Strengthening your culture through unique employee outreach projects can help you cultivate a great team vibe and set your organization apart in the eyes of passionate candidates who want to be a part of something bigger. Think about it – cooler culture, stronger team bonds, AND more motivated new hires?! Who knew doing good for your own people could be so sweet!

Are you ready to give back to your team in style? These are a few of the strategies we used to help make our #HoustonAffair benefit successful:

  1.  Cool Internal Communication: Why send a wordy email when you can get the word out about your event/fundraiser with a unique graphic invite? This will shake up your team’s inbox and get people excited about your cause.We used Canva to create this VIP Invite to our event! 
  2. Use Social To Pump Up Your Team: Posting an outreach project update (especially if it is a team contest) gives your people that extra dash of motivation they need to get involved. Better yet, they can then share the post with their networks to let everyone know what your company is doing – who doesn’t love a little free publicity?This is also a GREAT way to encourage outside donations from your team’s friends and family.
  3. Let Your Team Show You What They Got: Asking for volunteers and creating committees not only helps you get the job done – it brings your team members closer together and improves office morale. You may even find out that someone on your team has a hidden talent.Sure, you sit by Marcia for 40 hours every week, but did you know she had sick baking skills?! Looks like you just found your new dessert buddy, and someone to help prepare treats for your event!

Community outreach is about more than just raising money and fun photo ops – it’s an awesome way to unite your people under a cool and meaningful cause. What will your next outreach project be?

Emily Kocoloski

Emily Kocoloski is a Marketing Coordinator at Kinetix, specializing in employer brand management and social media strategy. When she isn’t creating and sourcing cool content, she is working as the hidden camera at Kinetix HQ.

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