So you’ve met someone. You found them online, as it usually happens these days. They seem to have the right qualities and you want to get to know them better, but you just aren’t sure of how to move forward from here.

Let’s back up a minute.

No, you didn’t accidentally stumble onto  We’re not talking about meeting the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, but, in my defense, the relationship building between recruiter and candidate can be a lot like dating: you meet, you court, you seal the deal.

Just like dating, the recruitment process has its commitment problems and it’s sometimes hard to know how to take the next steps forward and make sure you’re keeping their interest.

So you want to take that next step? Here’s 7 ways to keep that flame burning:

  1. Share your hobbies… even the rock collection you have.
    Show your candidates the whole view of you and who you’re recruiting for. Show off the good parts and be honest about the bad parts—your candidate will have more trust in you and want to commit.
  2. Don’t play games.
    The dating equivalent would be don’t intentionally wait two hours to text back. In the recruiter’s world, this means just stay in contact. The best way to keep a candidate warm is to let them know you’re thinking about them.
  3. Talk about the future.
    It’s never too early to think ahead. Make sure that their needs and your needs match up. Some discrepancy is okay, but if you’re headed in totally separate directions, maybe you should let bygones be bygones.
  4. Meet the parents.
    Well… unless the candidate is attempting to use their parents as referrals, what I really mean is dig into the people they have chosen to vouch for them. Getting a feel for your candidate through their referrals’ lenses will help complete the picture of if this one is “the one.”
  5. Have your first fight.
    No, do not actually get into a fight with your candidate. But fights serve an important purpose in relationships and that purpose is to see the worst of a person (followed by realizing you still like them). Often, it’s hard to find a candidate’s rough edges because the application and interview process is so much about showing off your best self. So find a way that doesn’t involve drama or shouting to get to know the negatives and make sure you can still jive with those.
  6. Saying “I do.”
    The final way to take that next step, is to… well, actually take that next step. You’ve checked off the good, accepted the bad, and now you know that this person is “the one”—for the position, that is. If everything is right, don’t be scared to take that leap and make that offer!
  7. …Or not.
    But, just like dating, sometimes they’re not “the one.” Purple squirrel soulmates don’t come along everyday and if they don’t have everything you need to make yourself (and, more importantly, who you’re recruiting for) happy, it’s best to part ways and get back on the horse.

Kate Weimer

Kate Weimer is a Marketing Lead at Kinetix, specializing in social media recruitment marketing and account management. Using a combination of her background in social media and love for the written word, she’s shoving all buzzwords aside and making HR and recruitment marketing work in today's digital world. Want to hang? Hit her up on Twitter or LinkedIn , or contact her via email.