Remember the last time you were looking for a job? During your search, you probably spent some time on various Careers Sites and possibly even on their social media. I don’t know about you, but the more Careers Sites I see, the more I fear robots really are taking our jobs. Where are all the people?

Featuring your employees on your website isn’t hard, but it does take effort. Here are three simple ways to show off your employees:


  1. Written Articles – Develop a standard list of questions that would be interesting for a prospective job candidate, and start interviewing your employees. You’ll probably want a tape recorder so you’re not scrambling to take notes. Then, write an article to post on your blog. Don’t forget to get a picture of them to post with the article.

Modification: Don’t have the time to conduct an interview and write a long story? You can modify this by making it a Q&A piece. Instead of interviewing in person, email the questions and let your coworker write their responses. Then, you can clean up the responses and post the questions and answers on your blog.


  1. Video Interviews – If you aren’t using videos to market your brand, you’re missing a huge opportunity. According to a HubSpot infographic, “59% of executives would rather watch a video than read text.” Here at Kinetix, we do one big film day and then cut each video as we release them. Be sure every video is branded with theKinetix Video Screenshot same look and feel.

Modification: Without the right camera or the right person on your team to design video graphics and cut the footage, videos can get expensive. If you aren’t ready to make that investment, start by taking quick shots on your phone during corporate events or even during meetings when it makes sense. You can post these short videos on your social media. The quality will not be good enough to be featured on your Careers Site, but it’ll be perfect for social.


  1. Event recaps – You don’t always have to feature individual employees. Prospective candidates want to know about your whole company, so show them how you have fun. At your next work-related event, send your team an email ahead of time requesting that everyone takes pictures. Get some quotes from your coworkers during or after the event, and then do a short write-up and post a photo album on your Careers Site blog.

Modification: Some events may not be worth a blog story. Still take a few photos and post them on your social media with a sentence about what you all were doing. Be sure to push these out across multiple outlets—don’t just post them on Facebook.


Finding the time to make this happen is the hardest part, so figure out what works best for your team. It may need to be a group effort. The most important takeaway: Don’t forget the pictures. People need to see real faces.