Let’s talk emails.

They’re annoying.

Aren’t you tired of getting emails like… all day, every day?

How about when you get a random email from someone you don’t know trying to pitch something to you… and they just sign off their email with “Thanks, Dan.”

Like.. hey, DAN.

Thanks for cluttering up my already overflowing email with one of your lame sales pitches, DAN.

Why don’t you give me some more information about yourself so I can see if you’re legit or not, DAN.

I don’t know—like… a website, DAN? Or a job title, DAN?



This is what happens to millions of candidates all the time. This is exactly how they think and feel when they get another pitch.

You might be a great email writer… but if you just sign your name and provide no additional information—it looks spammy, to be honest.

Just like a movie doesn’t look official and professional without the opening and ending credits… your email doesn’t look as “legit” without a professional email signature.

It’s kinda just there… and weird like…



Here are 3 tricks to make your email signature look professional:

Add your social media handles. Because what would 2017 be without solid stalking of a human before making a decision? And it’s more credibility and social proof.

Include your company’s website. If you’re a recruiter trying to get a candidate on board, they’re going to want to do some digging. Make it easy for them and provide the company’s website under your name in your signature.

Add a photo. Want to take it a step further? Add a photo. This could be your headshot. Or company logo. Whatever you’re comfortable with and what is in accordance with your company’s brand standards.

So this might sound like a lot and you might be thinking “how on Earth am I going to even make this!?”

Wouldn’t you know I have another trick up my sleeve!

HubSpot has a free email signature generator. All you do is plug in your information and it spits out a professional, good-looking email signature.

Try that! And stop making people feel weird by just signing your first name. You might have more luck with building relationships with candidates.


Elizabeth Dickerson

Elizabeth Dickerson is the Creative Marketing Lead at Kinetix, specializing in Graphic Design + Video Production. She uses her mad skills and desire to make an unforgettable visual impact to bring all things media, design, and video to life in the HR and Recruitment Marketing world. Want to hang? She's probably in the gym or the editing room drinking cold-brew coffee, so find her best on Twitter or LinkedIn, or email her at edickerson@kinetixhr.com.